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Criminal Case Tips & Tricks

Criminal Case Tips & Tricks

First Of All There Is No Such Hack Tool Or Cheat Tool That Gives You Unlimited Energy Or Coins !!! So Be Careful About Scam !!! But I Can Give You Some Tips That Will Help You Solve Cases Quickly .

►Try to collect the potato chips & orange juice on your home feed.But you can only Collect 3 juice & 1 chips everyday !

►Never Use Lucky Card For XP !

►If You Want To Level Up Fast, Play 5 Star Scenes Because Its Gives You 20XP For Only 5 Energy !!!

►Never Play A Scene Without 5 Hints .

►Before Playing A Case Please Visit Our Site & See Our Solved Scenes . This Will Help You Score More & Beat Your Teammates Easily .

There Is No Limit For Teammates / Allies In criminal Case Game . So You Can Add As Many As You Want . If You Have Around 500 Teammates / Daily Player Then You Will Get 500*2=1000 !!! Daily Energy . To Add Teammates Visit Here , Post Your Info . You Will Get Friend Easily . Or Go To Our Facebook Page & Comment "Add Me" On Any Post . Feel Free , After All Its All About Friends .

 ►Very Important
Before Playing Cases You Have to Choose In Which Scene You Want 4 Stars & In Which Scenes You want 5 Stars . Never Jump One Scenes To Another To Get A Star Quickly . Cause Eventually You Have To Come Back & Solved The Scenes But By Then You Will Forget The Scene Completely & Start Like Amature !!! More Over You Need More Energy To Solve A Case .

Most Important 
You Will Need 36 Stars To Solve A Case Completely . To Complete A Case You Need To Solve 4 Types Of Scenes
  • Find Scenes (1,2,4,5,7,8)
  • Puzzle Scenes (3)
  • Time Limit (6)
  • Cross Matching  (9)
Points For Completing A Star Are Varies From Scenes To Scenes . Points Needed To Complete 5 Stars Scenes 1 < 4 < 3 < 6 < 9 < 7 < 2 < 5 < 8 .
So Scene 1 Needs Less Energy To Solve Than Case 2/5/8 . Scene 1 Needs Around 8,000,000 Points For The 5th Star Where Scenes 2/5/8 Needs More Than 16,000,000 Points !!! For The 5th Star . In Which Case, You Want To Get 5 Stars Now Its Up to You.

►Boosters Are Used To Beat Your Teammates & Get Gold/Silver/Bronze Trophy . There Are 3 Types Of Boosters .
  • Preview Booster (500 Coins)
  • 5 Hints Booster (1500 Coins)
  • 6X Combo Starter (3000 Coins)
 Use A Booster To Beat Your Friend, You At Least Get 4 Stars First In The Scenes . Because Before 4 Star, Using A Booster Is A Waste Of Coins .
To Beat Your Friend, After 5 stars Use 6X Combo Starter Booster (Recommended) . This Will Help You Multiply Your Scores .

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